Initial Public Offerings Recap: Over Three Million Cåin (Å) Traded, Inflation, and Loose Morals

Åzone Futures Market opened to the public yesterday after four days of test trading.

Over 200 investors made 2030 trades worth a total of 3,003,690Å. Prices quickly inflated as 10,000Å was printed for each new investor, increasing the overall amount of money in the market.

This inflationary behavior is by design. Åzone Futures Market employs a strategy used heavily by the Fed (the Federal Reserve, the United States central bank) since the financial crisis began in 2007. The Fed tried its old tricks to stimulate recovery but the scale of the crisis overwhelmed it. In August of 2008, it instigated radical measures by, simply, printing more money. This strategy, called “quantitative easing,” has invented more than three billion, more than quadrupling the amount of U.S. dollars.

US Monetary Base in Billions

U.S. monetary base in billions showing the effects of quantitative easing since August 2008

This money didn’t go to regular citizens to help them pay their debts, but was fed into banks with the idea that they would increase loans to people looking to buy homes, cars, and other assets to feed the economy. It may have worked somewhat, but the main winners were those who invested in the stock market, which has grown enormously since the strategy began.

Åzone Futures Market uses a similar strategy, printing 10,000 new cåin for every new investor. With all that free money flowing into the market yesterday, it was interesting to see that the last future to attract investment was Moral Enhancement, as illustrated in the screenshot above from 12:58 pm EDT (remember: green is good; blue is bad).

New measures will be released soon to stem inflation in the market. Stay tuned!