Åzone Futures Market Is Open for Trading

An initial list of 36 futures has been developed collaboratively with the exhibition contributors and issued for investment. Each future articulates a condition enabled by emerging technologies that until recently were limited to marginal prototypes or science fiction.

The price of each future is determined by live indicators of supply and demand, causing it to change from one moment to the next. The market value, represented by relative circle size on the futures page, illustrates the general popularity of a future. The color represents the daily percentage change in price. Just remember: green is good; blue is bad.

Investors who sign up in the early days of the market may be in for a wild ride, but will likely profit from first-mover advantage. The prices may swing sharply, but will likely trend upwards for a while before leveling off, so early investors have a high chance of seeing the value of their portfolios increase.

Bitcoin value in US dollars

Bitcoin value in U.S. dollars

This is similar to the behavior seen with the value of Bitcoin, which took a few years to increase, but then jumped up from fractions of a cent to roughly one thousand dollars before coming down to a more steady price at a few hundred dollars.

Image: The Old Bourse of Amsterdam, the first modern stock exchange, destroyed by fire in 1858. After an old woodcut in the Germanic National Museum in Nuremburg. H.F. Helmolt, History of the World, Volume VII, Dodd Mead 1902