Announcing the first Åzone Futures Market Meetup: Exhibition Discussion and Hack, December 8 at 6:30pm in New York City

Want to contribute to Åzone Futures Market, the first online exhibition of the Guggenheim? If so, sign up for our upcoming meetup in New York City here:

Simultaneously an exhibition and a platform, Åzone Futures Market is at once a demonstration and a prompt to think reflexively about contemporary art exhibition formats. We are organizing this series of meetups to discuss the issues thatÅzone intersects–such as art and finance, futurology and platform design, and critical techno-social discourse in the context of museums–as well as the opportunities to extend its functionality and other projects that could be built upon it.

We have some features that are in progress, like peer-to-peer transactions (ie. passing cåin from one user to another) and market-generated soundscapes, but hope you will come with others. The market engineer, Cab Broskoski, co-founder of, will be on hand to take you under the hood of the code and answer questions you may have about contributing to the project and show you some of the endpoints of our unexposed market kernel API. Guggenheim curators will also give you a sneak peak of some of the new additions on the horizon, including work by the contributing artists and writers.

Contributors Dan Taeyoung and Sam Hart will join for anyone wishing to discuss their projects, Numeral Corp and Nonagon Corp, and the bots that they have produced to trade on the market at high frequency.

This meetup will have a technical focus, so familiarity of some sort with a web stack, particularly Node.js, Jade, Coffeescript/Javascript and backbone.js is most helpful–we use Ezel.js as a bootstrap–but we welcome anyone who wants to join.

The main code, minus the market kernel, is available here: We suggest you take a look before coming. We’ll be setting up staging servers soon for full stack testing.

The meetup will be hosted at the Åzone Terminal, the market-related installation at the Seaport Culture District in collaboration with the Center for Architecture.