Pronounced like the word ozone. The invented term incorporates references to azone, ancient Greek for “without nation,” and to Åland, a unique and autonomous region of Finland (and the site of a Guggenheim-led retreat where this project was initiated).
One of the top 50 investors in terms of total trades executed.
Buy Price
Amount of cåin it costs to purchase one share of a future.
Cåin (Å)
Pronounced like the word “coin” and denoted by the symbol Å, it is the currency of Åzone Futures Market.
Invited artists, architects, designers, theorists, writers, and others who have contributed to or intervened in the architecture of the market.
Buying a future to cover a short.
One of the top 50 investors in terms of net worth.
Either fixed or actively managed portfolios assembled by contributors that reflect contemporary worldviews that are conditioning our future.
Technology-enabled potential future conditions that until recently were confined to prototypes or science fiction.
Hot Tip
Reason for making a trade on a particular future in the form of a link to information online, often to breaking news.
Hot Tip Reward
Reward of 50Å given to an investor who introduces a hot tip every time another investor in turn uses that information to make a trade.
Two-dimensional field used to visualize trends in the entire market, based on tradeoffs in the effects of each future.
One of the top 50 investors in terms of total hot tip rewards.
Åzone Futures Market user.
Top influencer, activist, or forecaster.
Net Worth
Total current value of an investor’s portfolio and cash balance.
All futures owned by an investor.
Sell Price
Amount of cåin received when selling one share of a future.
A bet that the price of a future will go down by selling a future that an investor does not own with the intention of later buying the same future to cover the short. Shorting is only available to investors with a net worth over 15,000Å as it is an advanced and risky activity that can result in unbounded losses if prices increase.
Buying, selling, or shorting a future by an investor.